Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure — Mount Graham J., Hume Wyatt R., Hien C. Ngo, Wolff Mark S.


  1. The Oral Environment and the Main Causes of Tooth Structure Loss
  2. Dental Caries: Management of Early Lesions and the Disease Process
  3. Dental Caries: Activity and Risk Assessment as a Logical and Effective Path to Both Prevention and Cure
  4. Non‐Carious Tooth Structure Loss: Diagnosis, Risk and Activity Assessment and Clinical Management
  5. Aids to Remineralization
  6. Systems for Classifying Defects of the Exposed Tooth Surface
  7. Principles of Cavity Design for the Restoration of Advanced Lesions
  8. Instruments Used in Cavity Preparation
  9. Glass‐Ionomer Materials
  10. Resin‐Based Composite Restorative Materials
  11. Silver Amalgam
  12. Pulpal Responses, Pulp Protection and Pulp Therapy
  13. Choosing Between Restoration Modalities
  14. Caries in Young Children: Special Considerations in Aetiology and Management
  15. Oral Care of Older People
  16. Lifestyle Factors A ecting Tooth Structure Loss
  17. Periodontal Considerations in Tooth Restoration
  18. Occlusion as It Relates to Restoration of Individual Teeth
  19. Failures of Individual Restorations and  Their Management

Format: pdf, 312 pages., 2016
File size: 113 Mb
English language

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