Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure — Mount Graham J., Hume Wyatt R., Hien C. Ngo, Wolff Mark S.

Content The Oral Environment and the Main Causes of Tooth Structure Loss Dental Caries: Management of Early Lesions and the Disease Process Dental Caries: Activity and Risk Assessment as a Logical and Effective Path to Both Prevention and Cure Non‐Carious Tooth Structure Loss: Diagnosis, Risk and Activity Assessment and Clinical Management Aids to Remineralization Systems […]

Local anaesthesia in dentistry — Baart Jacques (Eng)

Содержание Pain and Impulse Conduction Anatomy of the Trigeminal Nerve Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetics General Practical Aspects Local Anaesthesia in the Upper Jaw Local Anaesthesia in the Lower Jaw Additional Anaesthetic Techniques Microprocessor-Aided Local Anaesthesia Local Anaesthesia for Children Local Complications Systemic Complications Patients at Risk Legal Aspects of Local Anaesthesia Формат: pdf, 204 стр., […]

Атлас анатомии человека — Фрэнк Неттер — Atlas of Human Anatomy 6th Edition — Frank Netter

Описание Атлас анатомии человека содержит высококачественные и наглядные иллюстрации по всем органам и анатомическим системам организма человека; состоит из 8 частей, построенных в соответствии с топографическим принципом; его могут использовать студенты, изучающие как топографическую, так и нормальную анатомию человека. Новое издание атласа дополнено рентгенологическими картинками, КТ-, МРТ-изображениями, что расширяет его клиническую направленность. The gold standard […]

Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp Expert Consult, 11th Edition — Kenneth M. Hargreaves

Описание: The definitive endodontics reference, Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp is known for its comprehensive coverage of leading-edge information, materials, and techniques. It examines all aspects of endodontic care, from preparing the clinician and patient for endodontic treatment to the role the endodontist can play in the treatment of traumatic injuries and to the procedures […]

Функциональная окклюзия. От височно-нижнечелюстного сустава до планирования улыбки (3 изд.) (Eng) — Доусон Питер

Описание This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to explain the origin of and possible solutions to many different occlusal problems. Dr. Peter E. Dawson guides the reader along the way providing balanced explanations of theory and technique. He also debunks many popular misconceptions through practical discussion of their origins and the deficiencies of the arguments […]